Counter Hero Alucard in Mobile Legends

Counter Hero Alucard in Mobile Legends

Counter Hero Alucard, Mobile Legends enthusiasts! Today, let’s chat about tackling the mighty Alucard. Knowing the ropes on facing him is like unlocking a cool gaming cheat code. We’ll explore what makes Alucard tick and spill the beans on which heroes can give him a run for his money. Ready for the lowdown?

Counter Hero Alucard – Understanding Alucard: A Real Powerhouse

Alucard’s a real heavy hitter in Mobile Legends, known for dishing out damage and being a bit of a lifesteal champ. Taking him on needs some clever moves and picking the right heroes to throw down with him.

1. Diggie: The Time Traveling Whiz-Counter Hero Alucard

Description: Diggie’s like a wizard who can time-hop. His move, Time Journey, messes with Alucard’s HP regeneration – perfect for dealing with Alucard’s love for lifesteal.

Tip: When you’re up against Alucard, bring in Diggie to mess with his healing mojo and give your team the upper hand.

2. Ling: The Slippery Assassin-Counter Hero Alucard

Description: Ling’s an assassin who’s all about hit-and-run. His Cloud Walker move lets him dance around Alucard’s attacks and hit him hard.

Tip: Face off with Alucard using Ling’s hit-and-run style. It keeps Alucard on his toes and makes it tough for him to land big punches.

3. Aurora: The Icy Mage

Description: Aurora’s a mage with killer crowd control. With Frost Shock and the big move Northern Lights, she can freeze Alucard, putting the brakes on his moves.

Tip: Go for Aurora when you want to ice out Alucard’s mobility, giving your team the edge.

4. Kaja: The Thunderous Executioner

Description: Kaja, a tank/mage, brings the thunder with his crowd control moves. His skill, Divine Judgment, lets you quickly shut down Alucard.

Tip: When Alucard’s becoming a big problem, call in Kaja to deal with him fast and flip the game in your favor.

5. Khufra: The Mobile Legends Tyrant

Description: Khufra, a tank hero, is a natural enemy of Alucard. His Tyrant’s Revenge move can mess with Alucard’s moves, leaving him open for a beatdown.

Tip: Bring in Khufra to control Alucard’s moves, making it tricky for him to weave through the action.

Conclusion: Becoming a Mobile Legends Legend

Kudos, gamers! Now you’ve got the lowdown on the heroes to tackle Alucard in Mobile Legends. Picking the right hero is like picking the right weapon against a tough opponent. Master these heroes, team up, and carve your names into Mobile Legends history. Game on SLOT SERVER THAILAND, legends!